I have noticed that many Toyota Prius owners have a similar thought process when it comes to taking care of their vehicle. In fact, I think many automobile owners share a similar mentality.

If it can do the same thing for less money, it must be okay, right? Well to a certain extent I have to agree with them. Being an automotive technician myself for many years and still working on my own cars today I know the difference between parts, fluids and other components for my car that will do the exact same thing, for less money. In a another story, best coolant options for your Toyota PriusI have written about both types of coolant that are suitable for use in your car.

It is a great article and I highly recommend it. In there I talk about the differences between engine coolants and why you should only use a Toyota approved coolant, especially for Prius. Being a hybrid vehicle, it has to deal with a high voltage system.

Should this system produce a leak of any kind, the car will set a trouble code for loss of high voltage isolation. Using the correct coolant is a big deal, especially for Prius other vehicles it matters as well and it used to be you could only the correct coolant through your dealer.

best prius mod

Toyota Super Long Life Coolant is formulated with deionized water to help keep it from having any conductivity through the cooling system. This means that when the cooling system needs to be serviced, we must use the same formula that it came with. So when it comes time to service both cooling systems you could be spending a fair amount of money just in coolant to get this done.

Then add in labor if you are not going to do it and you have a fair amount of money tied up in a cooling system service. Granted, you should only need to have this done every 10 years ormiles but still a few hundred bucks is sometimes hard to come by for many people. My hack here is this. In fact, it is also pink too. Here is the cool part, it is less expensive.

While this does not seem like a ton of money, consider this.

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That means you could actually still afford a nice night out or maybe just a couple of value meals from your favorite fast food joint.Use this information at your own risk: There is no warranty expressed nor implied and we are not liable for any of your past, present, nor future actions. Even should you perform these modifications to the letter you could still damage any number of components in your vehicle causing it to no longer function.

Even if it appears to function properly your actions may cause it to self destruct with collateral damage to surrounding properties other than your vehicle. Warranty: In performing some of these modifications you may void your warranty with the vehicles manufacturer.

See also our My wiki:General disclaimer. We Support Net Neutrality, please visit battleforthenet. This is all entirely unofficial and I am not modifying the Prius untill the Insight is back on the road. Lookin for accessories? Check out japanparts.

3 Worst Toyota Prius Mods

Some Toyota Contacts. Found it at vfaq. Thanks to vsssfamily. I also found a Spanish site with lots of photos English Translated. WARNING: The shop manual apparently states in no uncertain terms that this procedure must NOT be used to drive the car as damage to the transmission could occur due to traction control being defeated. It forces the ICE to run continuously and defeats the traction control system. Normal operation returns after turn off and reboot.

Unlike EV-Mode this is strictly a diagnostic function and should not be used under normal situations. More discussions can be found here: [8][9][10]. When moving faster than a very slow speed, many of the navigation setting buttons are disabled grayed-out. This sequence will override the lock-out until the car is powered off. Hobbit has put put together a hydraulic brake pressure sensor system to give feedback on the brake system. Those features which you may associate with Hybrids may actually be electric vehicle features such as no idling, quiet operation, and regenerative braking.

Unfortunately, as of yet many of the greatest aspects of battery electric vehicles, or BEVs are not available in current Hybrids. The EV-Button still doesn't allow you to recharge the batteries with electricity from a fuel source of your choice.

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Though it does hold the potential of a fuel choice which is already widely available and potentially renewable. By Plugging-In to an electrical outlet you can dramatically improve your gas mileage. The Grid is more than capable of supporting a large number of BEVs or PHEVs before it would require additional capacity, in fact it may help to load balance the grid. See also our My wiki:General disclaimer talk : Disclaimer. Category : Prius. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Namespaces Page Discussion.

Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 15 Februaryat Privacy policy About My wiki Disclaimers.Discussion in ' Automotive ' started by gigawertMar 21, Prettiest Prius? Multiple votes are allowed. Results are only viewable after voting. Joined: Sep 6, Messages: 2, In general, the Prius never really was a pretty car, but of these, which one or two do you think looks the best?

Iro Expand Collapse. Joined: Sep 20, Messages: 2, In my person opinion ,I believe this one is the best. Like x 2. Joined: Dec 24, Messages: 1, Agree x 6. BannedByAndroid Expand Collapse. Joined: Jan 29, Messages: 1, Joined: Jul 14, Messages: 1, Joined: Jan 22, Messages: 1, Probably C.

It looks a bit more cute than the others. Like x 1. KaiserimnopYT Expand Collapse. Joined: Oct 9, Messages: 3, Expand Collapse. Joined: Mar 19, Messages: 1, Prius Prime. A bit overdesigned, but doesnt look like it will cut you if you run your fingers over it.

best prius mod

The Prius 1st gen is boring, not good not bad. Agree x 1. KuchenVier Expand Collapse. Joined: Sep 15, Messages: 4, Definitely the Prime. But if you compare it to other Toyotas besides the Mirai and Corollait doesn't stand an chance at all. Car8john Expand Collapse. Joined: May 12, Messages: 5,For two decades, the Toyota Prius has been the go-to choice for both eco-warriors and drivers simply looking to save money on fuel costs. But new rivals are debuting every year, and even the mighty Prius must innovate to stay on top.

Last year, Toyota made some changes to bolster the Prius' appeal, such as improving the cabin materials and adding optional all-wheel drive. This year, the Toyota Prius continues the theme of improvement with a revised touchscreen and — finally — the introduction of Apple CarPlay. This generation Prius offers a comfortable ride quality, roomy seating and generous cargo space.

Acceleration is no more than adequate, but it might be worth the trade-off if it means you only have to fill up once or twice a month. Though estimates vary slightly by trim, the EPA rates the Prius at 50 mpg or higher in combined driving. Overall, we applaud Toyota's commitment to keeping the Prius fresh. But that isn't to say it's the best.

Its sluggish acceleration is no longer the punchline it once was, but rivals are quicker and only marginally less fuel-efficient. We particularly suggest checking out the Honda Insight for its more satisfying performance and more traditional styling. Other options might include the new Corolla Hybrid or the Kia Niro. The Toyota Prius is a four-door hatchback hybrid that seats five passengers. Power for the Prius comes from a 1.

Their combined horsepower is sent through a continuously variable automatic transmission to the front wheels. The AWD-e models add an electric motor for the rear axle.

The L Eco trim is equipped with ultra-low-rolling resistance tires, a lighter hybrid battery, and an inflation kit instead of a spare tire.

Those features help contribute to the L Eco's impressive 56 mpg combined rating. The other Prius trims are rated at 52 mpg or 50 mpg AWD-e.

Also standard is a 7-inch touchscreen display, a six-speaker audio system, and Apple CarPlay and Amazon Alexa integration. Standard safety features include Toyota's Safety Connect emergency communications, automatic high beams, forward collision mitigation with automatic braking, and lane departure warning and intervention.

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The LE trim adds a rear window wiper, a cargo cover, parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring with rear cross-traffic alert, and an automated parallel parking system. Stepping up to the XLE trim gets you features such as inch wheels, automatic wipers, keyless entry for the front passenger door and rear hatch, SofTex simulated leather upholstery, a power-adjustable driver's seat, and a wireless charging pad.

The Advanced Technology package further adds a head-up display and adaptive headlights. The top-trim Limited includes the sunroof and Advanced Technology package, plus a navigation system, an Recently upgraded to an awd Prius.

We have a difficult driveway and although our previous Prius did fairly well, the new one is effortless. So far we love everything about it.Used Toyota Prius for Sale 4. Overall Rating. Track Price Check Availability.

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Toyota Prius Buyer's Guide. Owner Reviews. By Rating. Overall 4. It had only 50k miles on it and had been well taken care of by an elderly couple who used it as a winter car in Arizona when they would come down as snow birds. We needed something more fuel efficient than our large SUV's we had. It has been a great car, with little to no issues and only minor maintenance.

We have driven it across country and frequently take it on long road trips due to gas mileage performance. The vehicle is great for big city driving due to it's great performance in tight spaces It has been a life saver in parking garages in the Seattle Metro area. The car also handles very well in the snow when we travel up to the mountains, with it's low center of gravity and heavy battery basin, the traction is great.

We bought a generation 2 Toyota Prius used in The car has k on it now and we anticipate it going to double that in our ownership of the vehicle. For the price we paid 14k I can not think of a better deal on a longer lasting vehicle than what we got with the Prius. We have recommending this vehicle to many friends and some have even ended up buying their own.

Modified Hybrids Get 250 Mpg

Newer models though, which makes us think it's time for his and her Prius in the driveway. One of the best times we had was when we drove it out to Seaside, Washington, where you can drive right into the water if you wanted. We didn't of course, but were able to back it up and pop the hatchback and have a picnic on the beach with the kids.

All the awesomeness of the beach, but also convenience of having your car and belongs with you. The hatchback also was a nice shade cover.

best prius mod

The Prius has many great things to say about it, it's world renown for it's gas mileage of course. When we first bought it we got 55 miles per gallon and not that has dipped to about 46 miles per gallon but we live in a more hilly location now which uses the engine more than prior when we lived on a flat desert.

The car is super quiet to, which is nice when leaving early or late to not wake up kids or neighbors, dogs etc.


The interior is super spacious for the compact size of the vehicle, and when the seats are folded down you can sleep in the back as it sports 6 feet of length space. It has an interior fan filter to which is nice for people that live in dusty desert areas like we do, really cuts down on cabin allergens over other cars we have owned.

The car also has a nice integrated user interface for the control system, it was weird to learn at first but now makes driving cars without it seem lacking.Hot on the heels of the news that production-model Toyota Prius's can achieve miles per gallon mpg comes the news that with a few modifications, today's Prius's can be modified to help increase fuel efficiency without the benefit of the "pulse and glide" technique used by the test team.

Take this example, built by electrical engineer Ron Gembam: it looks exactly like a typical Toyota Prius, but in the trunk sits a stack of 18 brick-sized batteries that give it an additional electrical boost that allows it to just barely sip at the gas tank. The extra batteries let Gremban drive for 20 miles with a mix of gas and electricity.

Even after the car runs out of the extra juice from the batteries and switches to the standard hybrid mode, it gets the typical Prius fuel efficiency of around 45 mpg. As long as Gremban doesn't drive too far in a day, he gets 80 mpg. While not quite at the mpg level that we reported possible last week, Grembam's numbers come from his daily driving, and not the carefully controlled test conditions of the mpg-ers. During that kind of driving, the plug-in hybrid can make a dramatic difference.

Though the technology is certainly available, when it comes to mass production for the consumer market, manufacturers are worried about the added cost of producing plug-in hybrids.

Some in the private sector, like Gembam, and University of California-Davis engineering professor Andy Frank, aren't waiting. Frank first built a plug-in hybrid in and has since built seven others, one of which gets up to mpg. They were all converted from non-hybrids, including a Ford Taurus and Chevy Suburban. Can't get enough TreeHugger? Sign up now and have it sent straight to your inbox. Daily and Weekly newsletters available. Email Address Email is required.

Clean Technology. Hot on the heels of the news that production-model Toyota Prius's can achieve miles per gallon mpg comes the news that with a few modifications, today's Prius's can be modified to help increase fuel efficiency without the benefit of the "pulse and.

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All Rights Reserved.We all have seen them, driving by, like it is no big deal. Prius cars that have mods, that are awful.

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They make us stop and cringe for a second and maybe even get us to reconsider our own lives. Sad part is, we will never get that time back from looking at it. If I am being honest here, I think this fights against every possible thing the Toyota Prius stands for. What on earth are we trying to accomplish here? Do not get me wrong, I really enjoy my Prius but living out of it like this, we have gone too far.

I f fuel economy is your thingwhich is why many people buy it in the first place, I am certain this negates all of that.

Modified Toyota Prius - One Take

The weight alone without camping gear probably maxes out the Prius' load carrying capacity. I have seen some pretty strange things hauled around in these cars, but this for sure takes the cake.

I love off road. I know how to have fun. This, well is a different idea of fun I guess. Most trophy trucks that run the Baja or are two wheel drive, so I guess this is a start for entry level drivers? I know that SCORE International does allow varying class level of racers to enter, but has this taken advantage of that a little too far? See you in Mexico, I guess. I have seen some mods in my day, but even this is a bit much for me.

I am going to come out and say it. To each their own for sure, but what is the goal here? I honestly do not know how some people come up with this stuff. It boggles the mind. I have some stickers on my car that are a little out there, but I really do not think that dressing up like a cheetah is going to get this Prius to go any faster down the road.

Good luck, wish you the best, but you have got it all wrong Conclusion. Every Toyota Prius owner is welcome to do whatever they want.